Nissan has turned up on Dubai’s OOH arena, after their last OOH campaign showcasing the new Nissan Patrol Nismo 2022. 

Nissan has a brand-new offering to “Make This Ramadan Special” by driving home their favorite Nissan car model and getting a 5 years’ warranty plus 3 years’ service package with a purchase of every new Nissan, including down payment support. The selection of models includes the Altima, X-Teera, and Kicks, as exhibited on the billboards standing tall and grand, all in shimmering silver models. The cars are back-dropped by a delicate gold and lights for Ramadan vibes. The campaign’s call-to-action states “Visit us today”. 

In both Dubai and Sharjah, this campaign struck Dubai in the first week of April, on Uni-Pole, Lampposts, and Rooftop Billboards.

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