Jordan’s Tourism Board takes UAE’s OOH Scene by a storm, launching the “Kingdom of Time” brand in order to promote Jordan as the go-to destination for anyone’s next daring adventure. The new initiative coincides with a new phase of moving beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, and a new phase in the country’s journey towards achieving its vision.

The billboards host Jordan’s most popular destinations to explore and discover new territories, whether you prefer sightseeing, camping or taking a dip in the black sea, Jordan can and will deliver. The ad copy notes encouraging catchphrases like “حان الوقت لتعيش شغفك” which translates to “Time to Live Your Passion” in addition to “حان الوقت للاستكشاف”  which also translates to “Time to Discover” and lastly “Time to Float”. Adding such inspiring phrases along with the visuals of what one can explore in Jordan most definitely motivates the audience to choose The Kingdom of Time as their Next Destination for whichever exploits they might enjoy. The ad design is warm, inviting and traditional, the latter highlighted in desert and temple illustrations, which further tempts the audience into wanting to visit, as well as representing the Jordanian Culture. The ad copy mentions the official website “” as a means for the audience to gain more information. 

The campaign is fairly new having been released in the fourth week of March on Dubai’s OOH Arena in the form of Digital Screens and Bridge Billboards. 

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