Egypt’s Most Distinguishable Individuals Shine On Cairo’s Billboards Amid Juhayna’s Ramadan Campaign

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Egypt’s Most Distinguishable Individuals Shine On Cairo’s Billboards Amid Juhayna’s Ramadan Campaign

Following Juhayna’s prior appearance on Cairo’s Billboards celebrating Mothers Day, Egypt’s established and trusted dairy and juice producer is back celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan, promoting their one of a kind, all-inclusive yogurt line with the help of their extensive number of prominent brand ambassadors and Cairo’s most well-known individuals. 

It’s a well-known fact that yogurt is essential in Ramadan, therefore Juhayna has decided to display their wide-spread variety of yogurts at everyone’s disposal. The ads star Juhayna’s brand ambassadors starting with the flouring actor Ahmed Malek as well as the thriving comedian Taha Desouky, leading stars including Amina KhalilMaged El KedwanyArwa Gouda, and Mohamed Farrag, in addition to trusted coach Aly Mazhar, and lastly bringing out the big guns with Big Ramy. As usual, Juhayna succeeds in creating an awareness campaign that provokes a positive connection and loyalty towards the brand.  

Juhayna’s Ramadan campaign ad spaces are uniquely colored and catchy, associating every product with each brand ambassador. Other than noting Juhayna’s slogan “Naturally Juhayna '' as well as the campaign catchphrase “معاك من الفطار للسحور'', the latter translating to how Juhayna’s Natural Dairy products are with you from Iftar to Sohour, the ad spaces are color-coordinated. Pink-themed ads host all the women brand ambassadors, for example, Amina Khalil promoting the Blueberry Greek Yogurt, in addition to Arwa Gouda choosing Juhayna Light Yogurt as her go to. On the other hand, the blue themed ad spaces host Juhayna’s male brand ambassadors starting with Ahmed Malek enjoying the Juhayna array of Original Greek Yogurts from 0% fat to 12%, as well as having superstar Maged El Kedwany and Mohamed Farrag appreciating Juhayna’s natural yogurt. Aly Mazhar flashes Juhayna’s wide range of drinkable yogurt flavors upon a delightful yellow background in order to associate the drink with energy and joy. Lastly, both Big Ramy and Taha Desouky’s choice of Juhayna Rayeb drink is displayed upon a green background further symbolizing the drink’s freshness and healing qualities. 

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