With a new eye-catching campaign exhibiting several of the most elegant jewelry styles, luxury fashion company Boucheron sparkles on Dubai's premier OOH scene. Their last engagement with UAE's prominent billboard platforms drew a flood of attention to the stunning additions of the Serpent Bohème Collection.

Boucheron has returned on billboards emphasizing that top-tier jewelers have been established in Paris since 1858. The visuals display an image of a flawless model covering half of her face, in the brand’s rings and cuffed bracelet. As BOUCHERON claims, their rings are an opportunity to show off the wearer’s personality, while their bracelets convey the House's identity since its beginnings through the savoir-faire that has sculpted them and the creative energy that has developed them.

The campaign spread in Dubai’s roads during the first week of April as Digital Screens. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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