Etisalat is getting back on the outdoor advertising scene and taking over the prime locations across Cairo’s most vibrant roads to surprise us with a new collaboration, as it has appointed the superstar Ahmed Ezz and Carmen Bsaibes to be the brand ambassadors of Etisalat's new advert under the slogan of “Much Stronger”, which is localized in Arabic “اقوي بكتير”, after its latest OOH campaign.  

The visual of the outdoor campaign uses the same integrated TV ad shots, with a promotion from Etisalat that offers "Akwa Forsa Menu" from "Akwa Kart" to choose your gift when you dial *011#*.

This Ramadan 2022, Etisalat proves to be a much stronger telecom brand, featuring Ezz and Carmen Bsaibes in various personas in a catchy and romantic story, using a jingle based on Aziz Maraka's original song "Ma Fe Menek" or "ما في منك", leaving us playing it once more.

Etisalat meant to convey a message through the commercial that it has always believed it will be the first and strongest among other competitors, much as the characters of Ezz assumed they would always end up with Carmen Bsaibes' characters. 

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