Saxo Bank strikes UAE’s billboards to show that the global capital markets offer chances to everyone. In Saxo Bank, they believe that everyone has the potential to make their future goals a reality. That's why they’re committed to assisting people in making sound investment and trading decisions. Over 40,000 financial products are available, as well as everything one needs to make an informed decision about putting their goals into reality.

The campaign has taken over Dubai’s OOH platforms with sleek, black billboards that have a pop of electric blue, to introduce the all-new SaxoInvester platform. This newest addition includes low commission, smart platform and 40+ exchanges, with stocks, EFTs, mutual funds and bond. On the background, duplicated mobile phones with different screens of the smart platform are laid out, showcasing Crypto ETFs and ETNs and more. There’s also a laptop showcasing stocks. They spread several phrases for their audiences, such as: “Investing just got a whole lot easier”, “Your next investment is waiting”, and “Everything you need is at your fingertips”. This abundance of information attracts both spenders, savors and investors!  

This campaign is fairly new having been distributed in the fourth week of March in the form of Digital Screens on Dubai’s streets. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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