Following their prior appearance in Dubai’s OOH prime spots featuring the launch of the Visa Travelcard campaign, Al Ansari Exchange is back with their newest release, the “Send Money & Win” campaign.

The new campaign ad copy encourages the audience to send money and get the chance to win AED 500,000 in cash or walk away with Gold coins every week. The latter is noted to only be available from the 25th of March until the 8th of May. All customers have to do is send money through the Al Ansari Exchange Mobile App and branches, or make any qualifying transaction. The ad copy is very inviting, utilizing larger fonts to enhance the amount that can be obtained, as well as featuring the campaign name in a white large font upon a blue sea background in order for the message to be clear in addition to catching the audience’s attention. The AED 500,000 prize is noted in gold as it is associated with wealth and prestige, further enticing the audience. 

The campaign was released on the fourth week of March on Dubai streets, in the form of Hoardings, Digital Screens, and Bridge Billboards. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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