One thing is certain: in Dubai, there are always plenty of opportunities to have a memorable Ramadan. This is the highlight of Ramadan in Dubai’s OOH campaign across the city, celebrating the month and encouraging people to do the same. 

While Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset during holy month, the city comes alive with activity after the sun goes down. People can take advantage of the late-night activities that will keep the entire family entertained, book a hotel room then explore the city's shopping districts for Ramadan-inspired collections, with the best brands and popular boutiques. There are plenty of options and things to do and events, like many choices for delectable iftars and spectacular suhoors, have those legendary Ramadan nights everyone talks about, enjoy arts and culture activities along with experiences like photo walk, pop-up markets, and tournaments. 

The billboards are a sight to behold with Ramadan vibes by using a midnight blue background that is reminiscent of a starry night sky. The clouds and crescent moon designs elicit a dreamy spirit that is in line with the holy month’s thoughtfulness and mediative energy. The stunning images are adorned with lanterns as well. “Connect and reflect this Ramadan in Dubai” is written across the visuals, with the campaign’s socials on the bottom right; “@CELEBRATEDUBAI, @STYLEDBYDUBAI, #RAMADANINDUBAI”. 

The new, limited campaign struck Dubai in the fourth week of March on Digital Screens. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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