As summer approaches, an icy cold water is needed more than ever for the scorching heat! Al Ain of Agthia Group fulfils that need being one of the most well-known bottled water brands in the UAE, rising on the country’s OOH scene with a new campaign. With its long history of purity and natural goodness, Al Ain offers the perfect mineral mix to keep people healthy and hydrated. 

The azure color of the billboards evokes a desire for water. The placement of their water bottle contributes to the visual’s fluidity and refreshment, alongside a background of Ramadan decorations and lanterns. Passengers are enticed to purchase a chilled bottle to quench their thirst, especially after Iftar in Ramadan, as suggested by the use of the holy month’s ornaments and reference in the ad copy. The ad copy states, “Goodness begins here” with a hashtag below it, “#ItAllBeginsHere”, dotted with a drop of water. 

The new campaign hit Dubai in the first week of April on Hoarding billboards. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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