Per usual, Apple’siPhone has released a dazzling OOH campaign all over Dubai after their last campaign promoting the iPhone 13 Pro’s macro technology camera. The campaign follows the launch of the green color of the iPhone 13 Pro, in a series of outdoors ads about the model, after they revealed the millennial pink version of the iPhone 13 back in November of last year.   

Apple shows off the front and back of the iPhone 13 Pro on the visuals, with its sleek design, robust edges, and attractive design. The phone has a screen tougher than any other smartphone glass, equipped with macro photography and more camera features that haven’t been seen before. Not only that, but the phone has exceeded itself in terms of technological advances in the battery and retina. However, the main focus of this campaign is the new, green finish of the mobile, which is super appealing and draws in the attention of passers to glance at the ad copy: “Now in Green. iPhone 13 Pro”. 

The new, limited campaign popped up in the fourth week of March, on Hoarding billboards. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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