February  has brought some extra work! After the slower start of the new year  last January, February has increased the overall OOH occupancy from 73  to 76%, and we have certainly noticed the difference.

This month we have witnessed varied oscillations across almost every industry, some of them will surely surprise you.

Let’s start with our usual #1, which you all know by now: Real Estate.  This industry keeps growing in OOH occupancy month by month,  advertising all types of development projects, both around Cairo and in  other paradises, such as the Red Sea. In the last three months alone, we  have witnessed a 3% increase in OOH occupancy share.

Some big names like Sarai (not the first time!) or NewGiza  have certainly caught our eye with elegant designs and very  culturally-oriented ad copy. Definitely a catchy way of delivering their  messages of modern and luxury communities out of the crowded city.

Other industries, like Banking, Appliances, Ceramic&SanitaryWare, and Telecommunications, have continued their decline in OOH share started in the new year, but without any radical drops in numbers.

Social campaigns have peaked in numbers, and in attention too! The blue billboards that we have all seen around Greater Cairo with  straightforward complains about abuses in our daily lives have been  disputing authorship for the past few weeks. It seems it was not Bad Experience after all, but BQ who started the campaign.

And another highlight of the month of February: the MedicalandPharmaceutical sector has accounted for almost 5% of the total occupancy of GreaterCairo.  Given there have been no massive campaigns from any advertiser, the  share has been acquired by a huge number of smaller names that together  have competed with the bigger names in other industries. As the saying  goes: “Strength comes in numbers.”

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