The one-stop-shop destination in the UAE, Centrepoint, has returned once again, climbing the outdoor advertising medium with a convivial campaign that speaks to fashionable audiences to update their wardrobe this Ramadan.  

Following its previous OOH campaign, Centrepoint is launching a new campaign that embraces the spiritual significance of Ramadan with the region's largest in-store and online celebration, under the motto of "Made for Ramadan, where Together is Everything".

The visual elements incorporate sweeping dresses awash in convivial florals with cosmopolitan patterns and edgy accessories, designed for women, while men’s fashion conjures a palette of earth tones from polo shirts to chinos to hoodies to Urban tennis shoes. On the other hand, the Kids’ collection incorporates summery formal wear for boys and festive dresses for girls. 

The “Made for Ramdan” Collections are now available online at the official website and in-store at different locations in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Oman.    

This new campaign emerged in the fourth week of March on Hoarding billboards in Dubai.

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