NEOM, the Saudi Arabian planned eco-city that will be established in the Tabuk Province, has risen on Dubai’s billboards to promote TROJENA after its last campaign. Equipped with smart city technology, the city will serve as a tourist attraction. NEOM describes itself as a "blueprint for the future in which mankind advances without jeopardizing the planet's health."

To be completed in 2026, TROJENA will be a world-class resort with a unique blend of natural and man-made landscapes. The complex will also have a diverse choice of housing options once completed. There are flats, chalets, and mansions, as well as hotels ranging from ultra-luxury to wellness and family resorts. There will also be a diverse choice of shopping, recreational, and food options. Year-round skiing, water activities, hiking, and mountain biking will all be available alongside an integrated nature reserve. 

The outdoors ad incorporates the ad copy “Journey To New Heights” with “TROJENA, The Mountains of NEOM” identifying themselves underneath it. A brilliant imagery for the project scintillates across the billboard with rocky mountains, a deep blue pool, and a gleaming night sky with a full moon. Another visual gives off the same celestial vibe with golden sunlight rising behind rock formations. 

The campaign launched in the third week of March in limited locations on Hoarding Billboards.

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Industry: Real Estate


Advertiser: NEOM

OOH Size: Hoarding

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Launching Campaign

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