Following Emirates Islamic’s prior appearance, the esteemed bank shares how people can open a Kunooz Savings Account today or increase their balance for a chance to Win Big. The more they save, the higher the chances of winning. 

The ad copy notes the flabbergasting prizes offered to winners by the bank through the Kunooz Savings Account. AED 3 million and 3 Teslas are available for 3 months for whomever wins. The ad showcases the 3 Teslas in question as well as AED 3 Million in cash displayed inside 6 cash barrels, signifying the 6 zeros, alongside the figure 3. The prize elements are noted in black clear font in order to catch the audience's attention as well as a visual representation of the priceless prizes. The call to action is mentioned clearly in the ad, encouraging the audience to send an SMS with the word ‘WIN’ to 4451 for a chance to win, or visit Emirates Islamic’s website. 

The new campaign struck Dubai’s OOH Arena in the form of Bridge Billboards in the second week of march.  

The Art & Science of OOH

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