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Ruby Energizing The Outdoor Scene in Cairo With A Sense of Humor in Molto, Freska, and Vodafone’s Campaigns!

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Ruby Energizing The Outdoor Scene in Cairo With A Sense of Humor in Molto, Freska, and Vodafone’s Campaigns!

There are so many significant elements that go into creating the perfect advertising campaign, but having Ruby involved would undoubtedly make it stand out and go viral. Ruby has been turning heads over the years with her endorsement in several powerful campaigns. Now, Ruby is making a buzz in three outdoor advertising campaigns running at the same time, and all of them successfully convinced the target audience segment. No wonder Ruby is the hero for this quarter, as she delivers three OOH advertising campaigns, which are Molto, Freska, and Vodafone.

So, here's the question… Why do brands choose Ruby? Her sense of humor, charismatic character and multi-comedy taste make her loved by everyone, and her popularity increases by the day.

Therefore, it is logical for the three brands to bring in a star-like Ruby in their campaigns since her characteristics align with the campaigns' marketing strategy plan. In other words, Molto, Freska, and Vodafone are mainly targeting the same segment; the young people from the millennials and Gen Z. In addition, they are common in the marketing tactics as they utilize the powerful tool of the sense of humor appeal, but with different approaches.

Ruby Has Nailed It Again in The Latest Ad For Molto Fino!

Molto has returned to the outdoor advertising market with the phenomenal trio Maged El KedwanyRuby, and Ahmed Malek in a new campaign that captivated the attention on the billboards to promote the new Molto Fino product.

Before we get into the new advert, let’s look back at two of Molto’s most prominent campaigns that successfully had everyone talking about them. The first one was the funny advert of the Molto Sandwich’s campaign which was the second cooperation of Ruby with Molto after her special appearance in the brand’s campaign for the AFCON 2019 as one of the national team sponsors. 

Molto has reunited the superstar Maged El Kedwany, everyone’s favorite Ruby, and the promising actor Ahmed Malek in a new creative campaign that went viral on billboards and circulated through social media platforms in a form of memes that are being used to this very day. This campaign has surprised audiences with the great trios rapping over the trending rap song "Bazet" or "باظت" by the rap star, Wegz, and performing it in another way which is “Bazzez” or “باظظ”. 

Following the success of the Molto Magnum’s campaign, the trio recreated this outstanding synergy in a new campaign of Molto that got us all jamming. The advertiser uses the same integrated TV ad shots in the artwork of the outdoor campaign, portraying Maged El Kedwany, Ruby, and Ahmed Malek dressed in western characters in an Eastern culture, which is a fusion between both cultures. 

The verbal elements highlight the fact that Molto Fino can make the whole nation full "مولتو فينو يشبع بلد”, which is close to the Molto Sandwich campaign's message, it makes you full under any circumstances “بيشبع تحت أي ظرف”, this shows Molto's major purpose. 

Ruby's Persona Fits The Latest Campaign Idea of Freska

Ruby's sense of humor and ability to embody multiple personas, has made her qualified to be a brand ambassador for Freska since her characteristics perfectly matched the new campaign concept.

Despite Freska's latest campaign reminding us of the iconic Snickers' commercial, Freska succeeded in reflecting it in our Egyptian culture, but with a different plot twist; which is the idea of turning out to be ruby when you take a bite from the new Choco Sticks. 

The campaign aims to introduce the new delectable Choco Sticks and make the advertisement stick in our minds for a long time by using humor appeal advertising, but with a twist personality-based approach.

As for the OOH campaign, Freska is promoting the new wafer Choco Sticks with different fillings, encapsulated with a funny packaging design. Meanwhile, it portrays the megastar Ruby by using integrated TV shots to be illustrated in the artwork of the outdoor campaign.

Vodafone Comeback with Another Creative Campaign & Deploys Ruby on Billboards 

We can frankly say that Vodafone has never failed to impress the Egyptian community with its creative adverts. It amazes us with a robust return to the Outdoor advertising arena.

In early 2021, the famous brand released the "El Flexawya" or " الفلكساوية" campaign, involving Mohamed SaadAbyusif, and Dina El Sherbiny. This year, the brand repeated the experience, but this time Ruby has joined Mohamed Saad and Abyusif in the new campaign

Our eyes these days are on the hilarious and creative advert for "Flexawaya are smart" from Vodafone. The brand depicts the three brand ambassadors individually in different ads. In other words, the advert embraces the idea of an unshown young person pausing and replaying Ruby's scenes several times while acting out shots of redundant roles, which is another approach to highlight in this article. 

The OOH campaign presents the Flex bundle that offers free Facebook and a free subscription to Watch it and Anghami. The visual elements display Mohamed Saad as a representative of the Facebook feature in the Flex plan, Ruby represents the Watch It app, which will be in high demand as Ramadan 2022 approaches, while Abyusif represents the Anghami Plus. As for the verbal elements, Vodafone hosts its slogan "Stronger Together" on a red-themed background that shows how the brand is committed to its brand identity.

Three Different Approaches and One Target Audience Segment!

Molto, Freska, and Vodafone successfully turned all eyes to their campaigns by using one of the best ways ever, which triggered emotions through a sense of humor appeal. Since the three brands direct their messages to millennials and Gen Z, they played it smart when they used trend jacking in the advert and chose Ruby to be their brand ambassador because the young generation sees her as a role model to follow and enjoys her style.

Though the three brands went viral by using humor in their marketing strategy, they did so with different approaches. Molto, for example, used the concept of merging the western and Eastern cultures, while Freska used a twist personality-based approach. In the case of Vodafone, they employed the muti-comedy characters, so all ideas served marketers to connect and reach the target segment. We are waiting to see more Ruby-related projects and collaborations in the future with more brands. 

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