The newly-launched App Yalla by Egypt Post has risen up for the first time through Cairo’s streets to empower the vast majority of Egyptians with solutions that will enable them better manage their money and help them lead a more efficient life. 

The app Yalla is full of financial and non financial services, in the ad copy it focuses on the “ yalla bills “ and “ yalla money transfer “ feature with several statements such as “ يلا حول فلوس لى اى حد " and “ يلا ادفعى فاتورة كهرباء و اشحنى " with several people connecting on the billboards' backgrounds. Lastly, in the corner of the billboards the cooperation with Visa and PaySky was shown.

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Financial Services | Mobile Apps

Brand: Yalla

Advertiser: Egypt Post

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Yalla | Egypt Post

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