Dubai Media Incorporation hits Dubai's billboards once again, with their latest "Together in Ramadan" campaign which is currently exciting the UAE's DOOH audience for the content lined up for Ramadan 2022Dubai TV's previous appearance on the UAE's outdoor advertising scene was during February when the broadcast media channel was surprising people with another season of Carpool Karaoke Arabia by Hisham Alhowaish

Dubai TV is currently back on billboards stronger than ever, with Ramadan 2022's near arrival, displaying some of the most prominent and long awaited TV programs and shows with all our favourite stars. One of the campaign visuals portrays an aesthetic crescent moon for Ramadan vibes using the ad copy that translates to "Together in Ramadan" also inducing the channel's creative logo. The visual also offers the main domain for the channel's online platforms. The campaign displays an upcoming Kuwaiti show called "Natehat Sahab" which means Skyscraper, with main stars; Souad Abdullah, Shaima Ali, and Hussien Almahdi. The billboard also highlights that the production is by "Dubai Media Inc". Another visual presents another extraordinary show "THE RETURNEES" showing the widely loved stars; Amina Khalil, Amir Karara, and Mahmoud Abdel Moghni. 

Another billboard displays "Faten Amal Harby" portraying the main role by the prominent actress Nelly Karim. Other visuals portray the upcoming program "Sanawat El Greesh" portraying Hayat Al Fahd, the lady of the Gulf screen. Another long-awaited series advertised for by Dubai TV is "Ahlam Saeida" portraying the ambassador of Arab drama, Yousra

The campaign is a fairly new one that was released during the fourth week of March and was widely distributed across Dubai as lampposts and digital screens. 

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