Mitsubishi Motors, the renowned auto-motive dealer from Al Habtoor Motors, has embellished Dubai’s OOH platforms with a brand new campaign declaring an offer for the very nearing Ramadan! 

The impressive ad features two of their cars, the XPander and the Montero Sport, in space grey to add to their sleek design. They let it be known that the XPander starts from 1,070 AED per month, while the Montero Sport starts from 1,495 AED per month. They also offer an additional 5% discount on trade-ins. On a large, red placard, Mitsubishi celebrates the upcoming holy month with “This Ramadan Get Free Petrol” with a purchase of the audience’s chosen SUV. This ties in with their usage of petrol pumps in the visuals, as well Ramadan lanterns, tiny stars, and moon crescents sprinkled throughout.  

The new campaign furnished Dubai’s roads with Hoarding and Uni-Pole billboards in the fourth week of March

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