OSN is back on Dubai’s primary OOH platform with OSN + and its freshest series’, hottest movies, and best originals for only “35 AED a Month”. OSN’s previous appearance on UAE’s billboards was last November when the international TV network was emphasizing its presence and revealing that the platform streams new content every day. 

The visuals present HALO, which premiers on the 25th of March by Paramount, which is “Only on OSN plus” along with SUITS in Arabic which will be available exclusively on the first of Ramadan 2022. The billboards also present Euphoria which is “Now Streaming”, encouraging Dubai’s OOH audience to “Start your free trial”, also presenting the official website. Another visual display ``The TOURIST” which is also streaming now on OSN Plus. OSN Plus is currently at its peak, offering new content every day, for great value, with epic entertainment from HBO. Paramount +, NBC/Universal, OSN+ Originals, and more. 

The Out-of-Home advertising campaign popped up on Dubai’s roads during the third week of March and was heavily distributed as Hoarding, Lamppost, Mega Com, and Uni-Pole billboards.  

The Art & Science of OOH

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