We are back with our monthly update for Greater Cairo’s Out-Of-Home advertising platform! It is true that our world has become more and more of a digital one, but who doesn’t like driving with a site of Cairo’s most vibrant and creative billboard landscape?! Whether it’s across Mehwar Road, or 6th of October Bridge, Cairo’s Outdoor Advertising arena never fails to excite the masses. 

By depending on one of the most effective and efficient factors of any intelligence agency, numbers, INSITE OOH has dug deep into a wider scope of measurement, to deliver its accurate monthly analysis of; Market Occupancy, Industry Occupancy, as well as statistical data concerning New vs Running campaigns. 

The market occupation for February has fairly stayed similar, by only decreasing 1% from the previous month, whereas 68.1% of the OOH market in Egypt is currently occupied and 31.9% is available. It is expected to see the market almost fully occupied, as the holy month of Ramadan 2022 is nearly arriving. Cairo’s OOH scene is bound to be bombarded with all our favorite starts and TV Guides. 

From January to February, the total number of campaigns has decreased by 2%, leaving the OOH market saturated with 160 new advertisements. During the prior month, there were 60 new campaigns and this number has increased by 4% for Feb. On the other hand, there are 96 running campaigns, while in Jan, there were 102. This shows that the Egyptian brands and OOH industry have been putting more effort and investment in the production of OOH material. 

According to the data and statistics collected by our sister company Monitoring Out-of-Home (MOOH), a company that is the first of its kind in Egypt, it has become apparent that the industries’ rankings are pretty consistent with January’s numbers. The Real Estate industry is still dominating the top charts with 40.2% of OOH ads distributed across Cairo’s billboards. The industry is actually increasing its saturation, looking at the fact that during Jan, the industry occupied 34% of billboards. 

The Telecommunications industry has also maintained its position in second place among the industry occupancy. Cairo’s OOH audience loved seeing Vodafone, Orange, Etisalat or WE advertisements as they are phenomenally creative and catchy. The telecommunications industry also never fails to present the most nationally loved brand ambassadors. 

The FMCG industry also remains in 3rd place, with 8.4% occupancy, decreasing approximately 2% compared to last month. The Healthcare industry is another that has maintained its 4th place for several consecutive months, with 6.2 % market share, increasing from January’s number which was 7%. Also, the Automotive industry is finally stepping back in the game, taking 6th place from the Foodservice industry with 4.5% market share. During the prior month, the automotive industry only occupied 3% of the OOH market. The Foodservice industry comes later with the same 4.5%, however, it has 1 less ad faces across Egypt. The Finance & Investment industry comes in 8th with 3.9%, then the Retail industry with 2.8%, and later the Tourism and Hospitality industry with 2.7%.

We are happily determined to keep tracking, monitoring, and analyzing the Out-of-Home advertising market in Egypt, revealing the behind-the-scenes of Cairo’s most prominent campaigns, stalking all the brands, advertisers, and innovations happening on Greater Cairo’s outdoor playground. You can browse the Top 20 Campaign’s Rankings via https://insiteooh.com/article/6097-the-real-estate-industry-maintains-its-supercharged-growth-on-cairos-billboards-with-promising-developers-showing-up-twice-in-februarys-top-20-campaigns

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