PAN Emirates is back yet again to Dubai’s OOH arena, after just last month, when they greeted Valentine’s Day with a sale in an OOH campaign. This time, the brand is ready to welcome in Ramadan with open arms and another great sale. 

PAN Emirates provides end-to-end design services, whether it's a house or business. Providing guidance to the best style and design to turn the grand project of customers’ dreams into a reality. Their usual promise of style and the latest trends from all over the world, while being great value for money, shows how they’re a pioneer in this area. 

The new ad entices audiences with a sale from “30% to 70%”, dazzling customers with these sizzling offers that are enough to send them running straight to their stores. The furniture store elicits comfort and a homey feel by displaying a delicately decorated dining room with rosy wallpaper. They announce that they are “Ramadan Ready” on a cozy living room, furnished with blue throw pillows and armchairs. Not only that, but they also released a Ramadan Catalogue 2022, which is “Out Now”.

On Uni-Pole and Lamppost billboards, Pan Emirates’ limited campaign struck Dubai in the second week of March. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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