Hermès Beauty's new Plein Air Collection is "BEAUTY IN THE OPEN AIR" and a breath of fresh air for your skin as showcased on Dubai's major digital out-of-home scene after the brand's prior appearance last November bringing its "Objects Connect" initiative. The French luxury brand, Hermès, is currently back on billboards selling the feeling of lightness on your skin, true to its equestrian nature inspired by the freedom of the great outdoors. 

The PLEIN AIR complexion breathes with a collection that enhances the skin's natural beauty, providing a line to fit all skin tones and types, as it's available in twelve adapting shades. The DOOH visuals demonstrate two different models with their unique skin tones and rare beauty, with an aesthetic high shutter-speed background of beautifully speeding horses, really portraying the slogan's vibe of Hermès, Beauty In The Open Air, as well as adopting the key element of the Hermès logo which features a Duc carriage with a horse which harkens back to the brand's original core offerings. The ad space also identifies the shade on display "Hermès PLEIN AIR COMPLEXION BALM – N* 20". 

The new DOOH campaign was spotted during the first week of March and was distributed across limited advertising locations across Dubai. 

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