On the occasion of Mother's day, the famous confectionery, Monginis, has reappeared on the OOH medium, choosing the prime locations across Cairo to thank all moms and celebrate them on such a special day, after its latest OOH campaign of the super Tuesday prizes. 

The visual elements embrace the celebration vibes of Mother’s Day, using lovely doodles, featured on their renowned pinkish-themed background with adding phrases of “كلام ماما يمشي” and “براحتها تختار هديتها”, in which reflecting the main message of the campaign. Monginis gives its customers the chance to enter the Mother's Day raffle and win a laptop or TV and other valuable gifts of their choice when they purchase from Monginis anything worth 350 EGP or more, also you can gift your mama a cute customized cake and sweets from Monginis on the occasion of Mother's Day to show off how much she means to you. 

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