United for Real Estate Development launches their newest project G-Bay Ain El-Sokhna on Cairo’s Billboards with a striking feature highlighting their unique position, directly on the sea. 

The new development awareness campaign visuals are extremely attractive, utilizing shades of blue as their main color palette, which reflects the tranquility and calmness of the new development. The catchphrase “Live the Sea Life” is exhibited on the actual sea visual of every ad space in addition to either a sitting area directly on the sea or a woman enjoying her walk by the sea. The overall ad vibe is vibrant, summary and eye-catching, tempting the audience into wanting to experience the sea life first hand. The ad copy also notes G-Bay’s amazing installment plan entailing a 7% down payment as well as up to 10 years payment plan. Lastly, the ad copy notes the campaign advertisers United for real estate development and CRE along with G-Bay’s hotline as a means for inquiry. 

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