Once again, Sarwa turns up on Dubai’s OOH platforms after their previous campaign only two months back.  Sarwa does what's best for people and their money, whether a novice investor or a seasoned veteran. They assist customers in achieving their objectives faster by offering them with a spectrum of services that were previously only available to multimillionaires. Their motto goes, “Make the most of your money by putting it to work”. 

Sarwa works by first learning about customers, their financial situation and ability to take risks. The second step goes by building a portfolio and recommending an investing plan based on their risk tolerance and time span, which is customized. Finally, Sarwa puts their money to work while being free of hassle. 

Staying true to the brand identity, the visuals are coated in green, signaling audiences’ minds to money and green bills. Their ad copy is a hook by saying, “Turn your dots into commas”, and using an example of a 2.00 turned into 2,000. They make use again of their motto “Make your money work” on a baby blue background. Their use of simple, solid colors with their white logo reinforces the brand’s simplicity and easy solutions. In addition, Sarwa places their website for more information. 

The new, limited campaign hit Dubai’s roads in the second week of March in the form of digital screens. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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