Ashgar City Launches its New Phase “Calla”, Advocating for a Harmonious Community Over Cairo’s Billboards

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Ashgar City Launches its New Phase “Calla”, Advocating for a Harmonious Community Over Cairo’s Billboards

Ashgar City, from the leading real estate player IGI in Egypt, has launched a new, longly-awaited OOH campaign, after nearly four years from its last campaign.  IGI Real Estate has created a variety of projects, with Ashghar City being one of its most promising with their newest phase “Calla”.  

With about 4,000 apartments based on seven different designs ranging in size from 77 to 234 square meters, Ashgar City, which is now being built near the famed Great Pyramids of Giza, will give the whole image of the perfect residential complex. The 148-acre property is free of the noise and pollution that plague city life, but it does offer a well-balanced mix of services and amenities, including a school, medical center, sports and social clubs, as well as commercial and administrative buildings. Residents may easily travel between buildings on pedestrian paths that open out onto wide green areas where they can rest and enjoy moments of quiet and tranquilly. 

Inspired by the name, the main visual for the ad is that of a white calla lily flower, embracing the compound’s peaceful nature. The brand’s positioning stands out in this campaign with their ad copy claiming a “harmonious community”, proven by visuals of a calm colors of a room with a simple décor, flourishing dewy leaves, dwindling sunlight on a woman’s gentle skin, and the glorious units. The billboards offer a ton of information to hook in customers, declaring that Calla’s prices start 990,000 L.E, with installments starting from 10,000 L.E. over 8 years with a 5% down payment. 

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Industry: Real Estate

Brand: Ashgar City

Advertiser: IGI Developments

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Real Estate Compound | Calla

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