Potato chip lovers, rejoice! The excellent manufacturer of snacks and sweets, Senyorita Group, brings a new packaging design of Lion chips to create a difference in the food & beverages industry 

The OOH visuals flaunt different flavored potato chips of Lion with an adorable packaging design with Lion's new logo, displayed on a dark background taken from their catchy TV commercial. Lion Potato Chips delivers five flavors, like Chili & Lemon, Spicy Cheese, Kebab, Ketchup, and Vinegar & Salt, sold fresh and more crunchy 

Senyorita has become an industry leader in making tasty foods since its founding in Egypt two decades ago. Senyorita is committed to presenting delightful and world-class snacks, including Lion and Zeego chips, Break and Windows corn puffs, the sweet Biscorita, and delectable Ahlawy cookies

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