The famous Automotive brand, Nissan, has taken over the Hoarding billboards across Dubai in the second week of March, picking the strategic locations to introduce the all-new Nissan Patrol Nismo 2022. Nissan's most recent campaign was covered a few days ago when the brand presented the new Patrol 2022 in tandem with celebrating its 70th anniversary.

They used eye-grabbing visuals in this campaign, showcasing the new Nissan Patrol Nismo 2022 standing strong on-road with sleek exteriors. The visual and the verbal elements were featured on a background hosting silhouettes of high buildings and constructions. We can see the renowned Expo 2020 Dubai's signature logo since Nissan is the official automotive partner of this huge event. 

In addition, the verbal element highlights the main message of the campaign which promotes the new Nissan Patrol Nismo 2022, full of ingenious features to the UAE community

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