At the time of the year, DMC starts revealing the Ramadan drama marathon schedule, with other channels. Therefore, it has chosen to set out a new outdoor advertising campaign all over Cairo's roadways ahead of the holy month, after its latest OOH campaign.

Hoping for some laughs this Ramadan? Akram Hosny is making his comeback this year with a new comedy drama series "مكتوب عليا", starring Ayten Amer, Amr Abdel Galil, and Hanady Mehanna, as shown in the OOH board. The famed Egyptian actor Khaled El Nabawy's series "راجعين يا هوى" will also be shown on DMC channel, featuring Hana ShihaAnoushka, the Lebanese actress Nour, and other star-studded cast members. Hany Salama will be seen on the silver screen with his TV series "ملف سري" during Ramadan 2022. 

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The Art & Science of OOH

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