Under the supervision of Sheikh Ahmed El Tayyeb, the current Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, the Egyptian Zakat and Charity House, has popped back up on Cairo's major outdoor advertising scene, reminding people to pay their Zakat, with the holy month of Ramadan right around the corner. 

Looking back at its latest campaign, it could be generalized that the visuals and messages utilized are very similar to the previous campaign that dates back to Jan 3 2022, making the campaign an ongoing one. The advert highlights the effectiveness of Zakat on people and how much of a difference it has on their lives. Using the main tagline translating to "Your Zakat and Charity will Protect Everyone In Need", the campaign points out how your Zakat will support thousands of single mothers and will treat thousands of ill patients. The advertiser also hosts distinguishable ways for donations, through all Egyptian banks, providing a Zakat account number, a Sadaqa account number, as well as a phone and SMS hotline for donations. 

To uncover more on The Egyptian Zakat and Charity House's campaign, check out Monitoring Out of Home (MOOH), the dedicated media intelligence agency and analysis system active in Cairo and Dubai, which will provide you with details regarding campaign types, kinds, locations, budgets, media plans, and more. 

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