Egypt’s esteemed real estate developer Misr Italia Properties launches IL Bosco City’s new, impressive development Green River Villas on Cairo’s OOH Scene. Following their prior appearance announcing Greek Villas’ launch, IL Bosco City is back with stunning visuals showcased on their newest ad spaces on Cairo Roads.

Green River Villas’ new awareness campaign ad spaces showcase its bewildering views and a new perspective to life as we know it. With Green River Villas campaign, IL Bosco City promises customers Standalone Villas as well as Townhouses overlooking the green river to launch soon. The multichannel campaign features a replica of the new development, presenting to the audience what they could have with IL Bosco City. The ad copy notes how it is a 15 minute city, highlighting their main statement which is that IL Bosco City is where premium lifestyle living comes with maximum comfort and accessibility. The campaign mostly utilizes green in the ad spaces as it associates with nature and spectacular views. Lastly, the advertiser notes their hotline for those seeking more information. 

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