Glade has returned to Cairo’s billboards after more than a year of absence, since their last OOH pop-upSC Johnson has expertly crafted products, including their most famed air freshener, with combined scents and careful packaging. Thoughtfully designed, the products puts the power of the air in the customers’ hands, whether they’re getting invigorated, cooling out, or lighting something special. 

The brand makes a statement with their bright, colorful billboards, highlighting the air freshener’s spray bottle. The ad copy claims with pride, “3 Times More Refreshing for the Air” and “The most sold air freshener in Egypt”. On the top right side, Glade reminds people of the “new formula”, tempting them to try it out for themselves. Surrounded by jasmine flowers and roses, the visuals arouse a pleasant, floral aroma just by glancing at them. 

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Home Care Products

Brand: Glade

Advertiser: SC Johnson & Son Inc

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Glade | Air Freshner

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