Last November, we witnessed the outdoor advertising campaign of Dettol imaging the future, as the official hygiene partner to the Expo 2020. Now, the brand is getting back to the regular sales campaigns to remind the audience of the family shield from over 100 illness-causing germs.

Two mediums were deployed in the OOH campaign, the Lampposts focused on the products in the design down part, meanwhile, the upper parts focused on the family shield visual and the number 100 within the caption “Shield Your Family from Over 100 illness-causing Germs”, while the Hoardings enrich our commuting roads with a creative production for the die-cut logo and the family shield visual. As we used to identify the brand in green, the official color took its place within the visual as a background.

The British brand's origins root in 1932, now it is offering its products globally under the same name except in some territories named Sagrotan, or Dettox.

The Art & Science of OOH

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