A few days ago, the Egyptian community witnessed a teaser outdoor advertising campaign, carried out by Al Mansour Automotive. The teaser campaign was attention-grabbing due to the usage of the 3D element covered by a bright yellow background print, adding the catchy motto "Less Normal".    

Al Mansour Automotive reveals its mysterious campaign in just a few days, pointing to the launch of the all-new Opel Mokka through a new OOH campaign. The campaign visuals are almost similar to the teaser campaign's visuals; using the same eye-catching yellow color and the 3D element with the geometric shapes. However, there is a noticeable minor addition of the New Opel Mokka with inspiring innovative design, powered by top technologies

The message is reflected in the new model's athletic & dynamic design and cutting-edge technologies, with which Opel is moving towards the future, pure and bold with fresh self-confidence, creating a truly remarkable driving experience for car enthusiasts. The slogan of the campaign says it all: “Less Normal. More Mokka"

So, Are you ready to experience a thrilling pure approach that’s taking driving to a whole new level?!

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The Art & Science of OOH

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