UAE’s growing online gift shop Blooming Box holds one of the most unique and astonishing flower arrangements and treats in Dubai. The esteemed brand rises on Dubai’s OOH Arena for the first time highlighting their biggest competitive edge. 

Blooming Box’s new awareness campaign utilizes creative die-cuts and mockups, manifested in their top seller signature red rose and chocolate box. Having such a prominent showcase of their products entices the audience and raises their interest in checking them out for any of their upcoming occasions. The ad copy notes Blooming Box’s biggest edge, that being their “Same Day Delivery Across The UAE.” Spotlighting such a strength most definitely persuades the audience to choose Blooming Box for every event, even last minute ones. Other than noting their website URL, Blooming Box mainly uses black and white for their ad space color palette, consequently associating the brand with elegance, reliability and power. 

The creative campaign is fairly new having been released in the first week of March in the form of Bridge Billboards on Dubai Roads. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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