Afia’s sunflower and corn oil has escalated on UAE’s prime OOH scene, for a shot of immunity boosting. From the very start, Afia’s Corn oil took a leading position in the market to the next level, due to its high quality and premium production. It is an all-natural and healthy oil which also makes meals flavorful and delicious.

Visuals in the ad copy feature a little girl eating a meal made with Afia’s one of a kind sunflower and corn oil with a phrase that states “ عزز مناعتك بزيت دوار الشمس و زيت الذرة من عافية الغنى بفيتامين أ و د " while the other visual has two of Afia’s oil with corn underneath the visuals struck from it both vitamins A&D like the phrase says which is all about how healthy Afia’s oil is. The two bottles of Afia oil have an arrow circulating them and then shooting up, out of the billboard frame, with icons symbolizing that the oil contains vitamins A and D. 

The first time, a creative concept campaign was seen in the form of hoarding boards and uni-poles during the first week of March across Dubai’s billboards. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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