Here-O donuts is a new advertiser on Dubai’s outdoor advertising, the campaign popped up in the last week of February. The Emirati new brand aims to offer quality, handmade fresh donuts in Dubai. The brand mission is to “DELIVER ICONIC DONUT PERFECTION” fresh and handmade from scratch every day.

An innovative call to action was seen on the Lampposts directing the audience to order online through the website, hence, the Hoardings didn’t include the word “order online”, yet the only call to action on the Hoardings is the website.

The brand sat its color pink strongly as a background of all the visuals across the OOH mediums, the first visual element is the Here-O Donuts logo came on top of the design’s layout, and the second element is the call to action which is the website… Only two elements in addition to the tempting donuts shots varied from a single shot of one individual product, or the brand character in doodle style on the flags, while on Hoardings, three products shots took place as the design hero.

The Art & Science of OOH

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