Etisalat, UAE's leading telecom operator climb's up once again on primary billboards with its continuing branding campaign and approach, which induces the main tagline "Together Matters", highlighting the company's core value of human connection. 

Etisalat's prior campaign was last month when the organization was named the world's strongest telecom brand using the motto of "Limitless Horizons". Etisalat has also launched several campaigns using the main motto back in June and September. The pioneering telecommunications company is currently hyping up the UAE's DOOH audience with festive and exciting visuals portraying a group of friends playing basketball, camping outside around a fire, people together attending an event. Other visuals of the campaign portray a group of friends celebrating the Emirates wearing the flag and its colors symbolizing togetherness which is the main theme of the campaign. 

The DOOH campaign is a relatively new one that was spotted on Dubai and Sharjah main advertising roads during the fourth week of February and was distributed as Digital screens as well as bridge billboards.  

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