Pizza Hut rises once again on Dubai’s OOH Scene with mouthwatering displays of their top tier pizzas. Following their prior appearance, the multinational restaurant chain shares their Hut signatures range with delicious visual representation. 

The new campaign ad space revolves around the use of black and red which are known to always be used by Pizza Hut to represent and associate with elegance, reliability and joy while enticing and encouraging the audience’s appetite. Pizza Hut’s Hut Signatures range, which translates to “البيتزا الفاخرة” is displayed on the billboard, the range includes The Ultimate Cheese, Veggie Exotica, Tandoori Platter and Hut’s Chicken Kofta. The ad copy notes Pizza Hut’s Hotline and mentions their App for customers to enjoy Hut’s Signature range now. 

Pizza Hut’s Hut Signature range launch campaign is fairly new having only been released in the fourth week of February in the form of Hoarding Billboards and Lampposts on Dubai Roads. 

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