Times Development rises on Cairo’s Billboards featuring Aster Residence’s newest campaign. Promising real estate development Aster Residence’s first appearance on Cairo’s OOH scene aims to boost their brand image by associating the brand with calmness, grandeur, and accessibility. 

Aster Residence’s new campaign highlights their astonishing 10% down payment, as well as how consumers can have up to 8 years of installments. The latter is an extremely unique feature that most might view as one of a kind. The ad space has a summer aesthetic, highlighted in the salmon-colored background and the girl dressed in a summery outfit opening her arms to the world. The residence replicas visualized in the ads are extremely enticing and give the audience a glimpse of what life could be like. Other than mentioning Aster Residence’s hotline and location, the ad copy incorporates the catchphrase “Let The Good Times Roll”, which motivates the audience into checking them out for a chance to live their best life. 

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