McDonald's climbs up on Dubai's out-of-home advertising platform with a new awareness campaign for McCafé. The fast food giant's previous appearance on UAE's billboards for the advertising and branding of McCafé was back in December with the "Want Coffee? Easy!" campaign. McCafé is currently back on billboards even stronger with a new awareness campaign using the slogan "FOR EVERY BEAT OF THE DAY". 

The OOH campaign uses several visuals portraying McCafé's logo along with the ad copy "100% FRESH ARABICA BEANS" and "MADE BY EXPERTS". The visuals also portray a brown figure of a cup of coffee underlying the big and ripe-looking Arabica coffee beans that are bound to trigger caffeine lovers around the UAE. 

The campaign is a relatively new one that was spotted on Dubai's prime OOH advertising roads during the third week of February and was widely distributed as Uni-poles, Lampposts, Hoarding, and Bridge Billboards. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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