IKEA returns with another sale to Dubai’s billboards, from Al Futtaim Group. This new campaign entices audiences with a “25% cashback voucher”, after their last campaign with a sale on their furniture. The brand has taken over the OOH scene with their usual promise to facilitate people’s day-to-day life, with comfort and style; all while being affordable.

The brand’s ads elicit a sense of comfort and warmth, due showcasing a lived-in bedroom and living room, for a more natural, cozy feel, and thanks to the orangey hues coating the walls and pillows. On a pale yellow background, IKEA attracts every eye with the “25% cashback voucher worth Dhs 125” with the exception of being “For every purchase of Dhs 500, 1-28 February, 2022”, surrounded once by a brown box and another with a red box to accentuate the words. Another statement for the terms and conditions is added; “Redeem for a minimum purchase of Dhs 500/voucher from 1-20 March, 2022”. 

The advertising campaign provides information, while at the same time delivering their home-y vibe, as usual. The tempting voucher offer is enough to send consumers running straight to IKEA’s stores. 

On Hoarding and Bridge Billboards, Ikea’s campaign floated across Dubai in the second week of February. 

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