Almost one month past their Breakfast Campaign, the number one fast-food chain McDonald’s launched another out-of-home campaign across Cairo but this time, the campaign relives last October’s Big Mac campaign

McDonald’s decided that the iconic Big Mac deserves another spotlight and that’s why the billboards of Cairo are seeing a reissuing of the hot deals on the Big Mac Combo. Using the same visuals, look, and feel, the campaign is just as exciting, and just as appetizing! 

Displaying the mouthwatering combo from McDonald’s makes the ad irresistible. The towering Big Mac, the fuzzy soda, and the crispy golden fries are deliciously seen as the highlights of the visual. The simple yet enticing ad copy “You will leave everything behind for it” which is the translation of “هتسيب اللي وراك واللي قدامك عشانه” is seen on the ad. The iconic colors of McDonald's are used to communicate the hot deal which is 45 EGP.  

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