Sole distributor of a variety of internationally acclaimed brands in Egypt, Audio Technology rises on Cairo’s OOH Scene for the first time with the new on Both Sides Of Music advertising campaign. The new campaign captures the brand's capacity of sponsoring both sides of the music world. Audio Technology encourages the audiences to immerse themselves in the world-class audio experience with every audio technology brand in the book, because they’ve got you covered. 

The “On Both Sides Of Music” campaign ad space reflects the campaign memo by showcasing an input audio device as well as an output one. This spotlights how Audio Technology will be of use to anyone, whether they work in music production or are just music enthusiasts. The ad copy mentions how Audio Technology is a trusted and authorized retailer to JBL, Bose, and many more. Lastly, other than a subtle call to action by disclosing the customer service hotline and company website, Audio technology announces their newest branch opening in Arkan phase 2.

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