Apple has dazzled the entirety of Dubai with its billboards showcasing the new iPhone 13 Pro and its breathtaking camera after they fired up Dubai’s OOH scene for the iPhone 13 and its new colors in a previous OOH campaign. The new iPhone includes a camera system that is significantly more powerful, which is the focus of this campaign.

The visuals exhibit the shooting abilities of the Pro’s camera by using photos taken from the iPhone itself. Macro photography is now available on the iPhone.The new Ultra-Wide camera can focus at just 2 cm thanks to its revised lens and strong focusing mechanism, making even the tiniest details look spectacular. This is proven by the pictures they took of a “Mushroom”, “Broccoli”, “Jacket”, and “Bread”, where microscopic structures are visible and incredibly clear, with the ad copy “Shot in Macro on iPhone 13 Pro”. The visually attractive photos in a variety of colors, from purple to beige, reel in all eyes. 

The Pro camera system receives its most significant improvement to date. With next-generation gear that gathers a lot more information. For new picture and movie approaches, super-intelligent software is required. And it's all thanks to a mind-bogglingly fast microprocessor. It'll alter people’s shooting style. Macro stills are only the start. Macro videos, including slow motion and time-lapse, are also possible.

The new campaign launched in the first week of February, in hoarding billboards on Dubai’s streets. 

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