El Araby Group rises on Cairo’s Billboards with their newest campaign titled “العربي كلمته ضمان” which translates to “Elaraby’s Word is Guaranteed”. Following their prior appearance on Cairo’s Billboards, Elaraby is once again solidifying their competency to the audience through spotlighting their edge on Cairo’s OOH scene. 

The new awareness campaign ad copy notes El Araby’s benefits including their outstanding 24-hour call center, this is backed up with the inclusion of the hotline “19319”, showcased on a blue-themed background. El Araby also discloses the availability of more than 100 million spare parts for their products in every Egyptian home. This most definitely ensures to the consumers the reliability of the brand as well as how they are well equipped for any problems that might face the consumer. The ad spaces are designed in a way to bring out the targeted message as well as attract the audience's attention.

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