Dubai calendar is all about nourishing people with events they need, now it reappeared on Dubais’s OOH scene with one of the best playback singers in the Indian and Pakistani music industries of all times Atef Aslam. Dubai’s calendaprior appearance was very recent in it’s last January 2022 campaign featuring Rashed El Majed and Waleed Al Shami.

The campaign is all about inviting people to sing along with Pakistan’s breakout star Atif Aslam. The live show Atif Aslam – Ek Raat' is supported and brought to people by Blu Blood and DIFX Technology. The campaign consists of a visual of Atef Aslam, the main attraction of course, with a statement ensuring that is supported by a Symphonic Orchestra, which is a novelty for this region on the date of February 11th, 2022, get ready for a brand new sound from the king of Bollywood music at the Coca-Cola Arena. Lastly, to provide more information on the Atef Aslam show, Dubai's calendar was seen in the billboard for people not to miss on their endless ongoing events.

The new and limited OOH advertisement was spotted during the first week of February as Digital screens across Dubai city.

The Art & Science of OOH

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