After introducing the New Era of Smartwatches, HUAWEI has returned back on UAE’s Billboards with their New foldable, next-generation P50 Pocket Smartphone. HUAWEI’s newest perplexing smartphone is advertised as “Elegance in the palm of your hand”.

The new P50 Pocket campaign ad space reveals the staggering P50 Pocket Premium Edition, in collaboration with Haute Couture designer Iris Van Herpen, which features an amazing style of organically flowing patterns in stunning gold-tone, bringing an element of organic, kinetic life to cutting edge technology that moves. The sleek representation is impressively eye-catching and engaging, consequently baiting consumers and encouraging them to check out this notable new product.  The ad space is simple and elegant, making the smartphone the point of focus. The billboards subtly mention the AppGallery app as a means for consumers to learn more about their products. Lastly, one ad space also promotes their legendary, dual camera P50 Pro. 

This campaign is fairly new, having only been dispersed in the first week of February on Dubai Roads in the form of Hoarding Billboards and Building Wrapping. 

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