Geely Hypes up Their “Cars from the Future” Featuring Okavango & Coolray Models on Cairo’s Billboards

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Geely Hypes up Their “Cars from the Future” Featuring Okavango & Coolray Models on Cairo’s Billboards

In this long-awaited OOH campaign from Abou Ghaly Motors and Geely Auto, the automotive brand is back again on Cairo’s roads after more than two years with their previous one. Showcasing the Geely Okavango and the Geely Coolray, the billboards strike the audience. The Okavango model uses lines, structure, and space to build a dynamic look that is both compact and vast, with a taut sensation of space stretching boundaries. It was created under an “Expansive Aesthetic” ideology and is integrated with technology. It is the largest SUV ever provided by Geely Auto.

On the other hand, the Coolray is modeled as “young, fashionable and confident” and is based on Geely’s “Racing through time” aesthetics and finds inspiration from daring, challenging, urban youngsters; the interior inspired by the technologically advanced cockpit of a jet plane. The latest intelligent driving technologies, fused with autonomous driving, is equipped in the car model. Their choice of visuals proves this. 

The two cars, bright red and dark blue, stand tall and proud in front of a stunning sunset and a city skyline. The brand flaunts both models’ sleek, modern interior, and their magnificent exterior that drops jaws. The ad copy reads, “The biggest and strongest network of distributors and service stations”, which helps build trust in consumers. It also announces the price of the Okvango, starting from 399,900 L.E, the price of the Coolray, starting from 319,900 L.E, and offers various payment options. 

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Region: North Africa

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