MySyara Auto Care makes a bold and significant appearance on Dubai's OOH platform with a brand new promotional and awareness campaign spiking prime billboards. The company provides car services for the digital age with affordable, high quality car care services. The store also offers full parts and warranties presenting convenient payment options.

MySyara uses the main tagline "Easy Car Service & Repair!" as well as highlighting that the company and campaign are "POWERED BY Mobil 1". The OOH visual also highlights the official website "". Other visuals of the campaign use the ad copy "Free Same Day Car Service", and "Download MySyara" via App Store or Google Play. A separate visual uses the ad copy "Anything for your car!". Other visuals use the Arabic taglines that translate to "Wash Your Car at Your Doorstep for AED15", and "Oil Change Services on The Same Day". 

The new and first time OOH campaign was spotted on Dubai's prime billboards during the fourth week of January and was distributed as a limited campaign taking the form of lampposts and bridge billboards. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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